your impact program &
employee engagement



With Positive Finance, you can initiate or strengthen your commitment to sustainability by offering a smart financial benefit solution to your employees.

  Promote and monitor the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  Promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive corporate culture
  Attract impact-driven top talents

Employees save & donate
with your support

An all-in-one platform where your employees can:
• earn 3% APY1 on their Savings wallet
• donate fee-free to nonprofits and enjoy tax deductions.
All our nonprofit partners are vetted based on their mission and impact.

Your company can establish matching campaigns and nominate nonprofits that align with your values and impact goals. Learn more

Elevate your engagement with
impact investments

Coming soon, employees will have the opportunity to directly invest in a variety of impact financial assets.
Your company will also benefit from impact investments and offer seeding wallet programs.

Make a
difference, today.

Ready to extend that positive impact to your entire company?