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social fundraising.

Reach out,
raise more!

On your end, quickly reach new donors on their mobile.
On their end, interested donors can easily find you through our nonprofit marketplace.

That’s what we call effortless campaigning 😎.
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Campaign with Positive Finance! Reach donors on their mobile and retain donations. New donors will find you through our nonprofit marketplace.
Raise up to 20% more with features like micro-donations, social sharing, and enticing gamified experience.

Setting up your customized nonprofit page takes just a few simple steps.
From there, you have access to our growing user base. And users can send you money with just one click!

a lot!

Open a Positive Finance account and earn up to 3% APY1 on your money.

And instead of up to 7%, you pay 0% in processing fees.
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We’ve teamed up with an FDIC-insured provider to deliver high interest on your money while it’s sleeping -- with a yield as high as 20 times the industry average!

And while standard processing fees for charities are up to 7%, we make sure you don’t lose money along the way. Instead, get every donated dollar you raise -- no exceptions.

the movement

Check out our partners. They are local, national & international grassroots organizations that change the world.

Partner with us, and fundraise for good: engage with your members, and reach new donors with financial wellness in mind 🌱.

It takes only a few minutes to create an account. Contact us now for more information!
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